Best Intentions

I had the best intentions to start something new on here but the spark that started it all quickly got snuffed out due to life. I was always too busy, or too tired, or couldn't be bothered. I now realize that this is a full time career and why most "influensters" just do this for a living.

Sadly I am not rolling in benjamins (although I wish I was.) But I find myself at a fork in the road all over again. I could abandon this like the fickle gemini that I am, or take ownership of it and build something that could potentially just make me happy. (Listen not all of my friends like to here me ramble on about my obsessions like make up, movies, tv shows, serial killers, etc.) So I might as well use this space for just that. And if you like what I write then stick around, if not feel free to tell me or just move along. 

So here I go, onto my fresh new start...